We write often concerning prayer!  This has been a challenge for me since day one after becoming a Christian.  I confess that I have struggled to keep my prayer life up to what I think it should be.  I read much on the subject and feel a little envious of the pastors that have demonstrated time and again that their ministry has been built on prayer.  I would be the first to acknowledge that is the way it should be!

Somewhere in my early Christian life I read: “Preaching moves men!  Praying moves God!  I have related previously how I enjoyed going to an old fashioned prayer meeting where we knelt on that hard floor, some praying in Portuguese and some in English.  Often we had “all night” Prayer Meetings.  We watched God at work in many lives… healing broken hearts and homes.

Over the years I have watched how those have become “by gone” days.  We have meetings galore with Ladies Meetings, Men’s Meetings, Teens Meetings, Children’s Meetings… and the list is endless.  Most notably is the absence of PRAYER MEETINGS!  In some of our churches we had a Week of Prayer Services at the beginning of each Year.  What in the world has happened with Prayer Meetings?

We live in a “go go” society with little time being occupied in the most important mechanism offered to us… PRAYER.   Jesus prayed all night on several occasions.  The glory of God shone around those present.  Has it ever burned within our hearts that we need to be “praying always”?  We will experience the blessing of the Lord as we meet His conditions as relates to prayer.

The Book of Acts is a demonstration of the Church at prayer, prayer groups meeting in homes, in prisons, and on a beach as they sent Paul on His way.  Stephen praying for those killing him, Peter praying on a roof-top only to be rebuked for not realizing that God had opened the door to the Gentiles.  Chapter after chapter we read of the involvement in prayer.

My friends… A brief reminder!  The devil does not want us to PRAY, but God has ordained it so!  A brief reminder… Preaching moves men!   Praying moves God!

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