As I started my computer, I noticed immediately that our daughter had used it and had entered a whole new Screen Saver.  The pictures were reflective in nature; photos that are truly calming.  I love them!  The photographer had waited for that “magic moment” to capture the ones I was enjoying.  He did not needContinue reading “REFLECTIONS”


Recall for a moment how Israel ended in Egypt.  Joseph had been sold into slavery to some Egyptians by his brothers.  God, in a miraculous way, saw to his safety and ultimately to his ascendency toward Pharaoh!  A famine in his homeland brought about his brothers visit, which led his family there.   Under a subsequentContinue reading “INSISTENT PURSUIT”


We write often concerning prayer!  This has been a challenge for me since day one after becoming a Christian.  I confess that I have struggled to keep my prayer life up to what I think it should be.  I read much on the subject and feel a little envious of the pastors that have demonstratedContinue reading “PREACHING – PRAYER”


Glimpses of the past, present and future loom into the mind of the Psalmist as he writes this hymn of praise.  He has not had the support of others, but he has the support of the Lord.  In recognizing that support he quickly refers to his intention to manifest “with all my heart” and toContinue reading “OPPOSITION LEADS TO…”


For some individuals who have served the Lord faithfully, the opposition to that service has ended in an unpleasant situation, and it ended with the body being undergoing unpleasant beatings, even death.  While I have been threatened many times, I have never had to undergo such confrontations, with my body receiving a few “brand marks”. Continue reading “BRAND MARKS AND SCARS”


A few mornings ago I was taking my morning walk, endeavoring to get this old knee and the leg overall in better shape.  Suddenly, the Lord brought to mind a song that I have not heard in a long time:  In the Cross of Christ I Glory   In the cross of Christ I glory,Tow ‘ringContinue reading “JESUS, I MY CROSS HAVE TAKEN”


Some most interesting verses of Scripture are found in John 14; verses that were uttered just prior to His betrayal, his departure and the subsequent promise of another “helper”; namely, the Holy Spirit.  We are aware of the three plus years of ministry, but the idea that He would not be present to personally ministerContinue reading “OF SATAN’S SUBTLETIES”


A very pointed discourse concerning HATE!  It is found in John 15:18-27.  It is so powerfully stated that the majority of people you show it to will deny it to be the case.  A quick retort to the presentation of God and Jesus and their inter-relationship, as well as that of the Holy Spirit inContinue reading “FOR OR AGAINST?”


There is nothing new about those who endeavor to give credence to others that they are something; in reality they are far removed from what they profess.  Matthew illustrates this in a sequence of references about persons that have an air of superiority in his Gospel. Bear with me! In Matthew 16 the Pharisees andContinue reading “AN AIR OF LEGITIMACY”