I have my morning program, like those of you who are reading this.  I notice that it is not as fast as it once was, but it is a little bit more burdensome, and I have to be more careful as relates to the experiences of each day.  I do enjoy preparing my breakfast, unassisted.

My Doctor says I must exercise at least three times a week, so I have had to develop the habit of taking a walk.  It is not a long walk but it has helped my legs and knees, in particular.  Then, I have been able to greet some new friends of the same vintage.   One of the new ones have had a rugged life, not too long ago he and the Lord had an encounter- naturally, the Lord won.  He is one exciting dude!

Then, there is a couple I just met, a few days ago.  She is in no hurry, but I can see that his motor is in gear.  However, a couple of words indicate that he must have been from down south or had lived there… He called me Brother immediately.  I am aware that he could be from a fellowship of Christians, thus the use of that and several other words.  We will meet again and I feel that we have Someone, Jesus, in common.

This morning I noticed that a lady stepped off the sidewalk to be sure I did not stumble over her.  She is from California and is here, taking care of her father.  I immediately told her how my daughter has the same appointment and is spoiling me rotten.  I will have some extra material to share with her tomorrow and prayerfully, something from my favorite book – THE HOLY BIBLE!

There are others that I have shared with consistently.  Hopefully and prayerfully I look forward to sharing something about my Savior.  As God calls me to your remembrance please accept my invitation to pray for me and with me.

My goodness!  I intended to start this in a different manner, but my anxiety to share with you what Commitment is all about got the best of me.  When I get up in the morning, I usually start the day with: “Good morning Lord!”  From there it is just the two of us walking through the day in constant awareness of our relationship!  Join us.

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