By, Linda De Silva God promised that one of her descendants would defeat Satan, who had tricked her into disobeying Him.  Adam and the entire human race had become involved in ignoring God and going on with their sinful lifestyle.   But, God loved them and would send a Saviour In due time to redeem mankindContinue reading “CHRISTMAS REFLECTIONS: THE PROMISE”


She was a photographer doing her “thing”. The bottle had been out there making its way across the Atlantic, over to Europe, down the coast of Africa, across the Atlantic again and finally wrapped in some sea-weed on the rocky shore of Bermuda. Our grand-daughter, who lives on the shore line in Washington State, wasContinue reading “ON THE BEACH?”


Whether my ability or hers, circumstances guaranteed that we would not be the most successful bakers in the community. It was not “brick oven bread” although I might have used it as a brick. Most of us are familiar with the idea that “Bread is the staff of life”. Let’s face it; a little flourContinue reading “THE BREAD OF LIFE”


By, Linda DeSilva When you are young, it can be very easy to let life drift by – especially today when there are so many distractions. So, it is great when a young person has succeeded in some field of endeavour, having had ambitions since childhood to become a nurse, doctor, lawyer, teacher, artist, plumber,Continue reading “FOCUS FOR SUCCESS”


I recall my initial reaction!  We would be gradually living a minimum of thirty days, or thereabouts, for the remainder of our lives owing someone.  Gradual recognition, or at least acceptance, that it was owed to a business called a Bank who was the caretaker of other people’s money.  The thought of owing an individual,Continue reading “LIVING ON CREDIT”


By, Linda DeSilva Monday’s headline article in the Royal Gazette highlighted the need for review, repair and/or replacement of equipment and services at a residential care home. As every home-owner knows, appliances, as well as infrastructure, need to be inspected and repaired or replaced on a regular basis. The sooner problems are discovered, the quickerContinue reading “MAINTENANCE PREVENTS PROBLEMS”


I also find myself focusing on the context in which it appears because it solidifies the entire idea to which I need to focus at that moment.  Allow me to illustrate this in John chapter 7. First of all, it takes place when Jesus was in His early thirties.  We read that His “brothers” seekContinue reading “PARTICULAR “TIME” & “TIMES””


One of the most interesting experiences in my, almost eighty eight years, was when I comprehended the message from the Scriptures that God only accepts a person into “sonship” when that individual steps into a personal belief that must be established through faith.  The Apostle Paul, in writing to the Church in Galatia, brings theContinue reading “IS FAITH “NEW”?”