I borrowed from yesteryear, something I had forgot.  It was the kind of thing you do not want to forget, because of its content.  Most frustrating is the fact that I cannot acknowledge the author, who certainly deserves the credit.  Join me for a moment and thank the Lord for whoever penned: “The Cross WasContinue reading “THE CROSS WAS HIS OWN”


I had to smile recently when I heard that an alcoholic beverage damages the brain! Common sense observation can watch those who indulge, and see its effects shortly after it is consumed.  Have you ever watched the defensive attitude of another when you present such a conclusion as researchers have of recent? The simple conclusionContinue reading “STRONG WORDS!”


When reading the history of Israel leaving Egypt and heading for the “Promised Land”, you cannot help but notice that in spite of the miracles God performed on their behalf, they were one disgruntled nation.  I have never counted all the recorded times they “murmured” or “complained” as they made their way toward what GodContinue reading “NEED FOR THE TASK”


The change has been slow, but determined.  When I first became a Christian, I had a hard time figuring out where I should attend church.  I had been brought up in a church that held a very significant prominence throughout our country.  Naturally, I thought that I should go back to that church to growContinue reading “HAVE YOU NOTICED?”


That is what the piece of mail stated on the face.  Like most of the mail that comes in this manner, I was about to discard immediately when I realized it was not addressed to me, which meant that if I tampered with it I could end up in prison for throwing away some personsContinue reading “MAXIMIZE YOUR RETIREMENT”


As I started my computer, I noticed immediately that our daughter had used it and had entered a whole new Screen Saver.  The pictures were reflective in nature; photos that are truly calming.  I love them!  The photographer had waited for that “magic moment” to capture the ones I was enjoying.  He did not needContinue reading “REFLECTIONS”


Read the Scriptures and suddenly you will recall an unusual occurrence from your childhood; in fact, you will probably remember something you wish you had not remembered some things, and others will be quite fresh and refreshing. Reflecting on a few verses in Psalm 119 was like enjoying a breakfast prepared for you as aContinue reading “THE LAMP”


Recall for a moment how Israel ended in Egypt.  Joseph had been sold into slavery to some Egyptians by his brothers.  God, in a miraculous way, saw to his safety and ultimately to his ascendency toward Pharaoh!  A famine in his homeland brought about his brothers visit, which led his family there.   Under a subsequentContinue reading “INSISTENT PURSUIT”


We write often concerning prayer!  This has been a challenge for me since day one after becoming a Christian.  I confess that I have struggled to keep my prayer life up to what I think it should be.  I read much on the subject and feel a little envious of the pastors that have demonstratedContinue reading “PREACHING – PRAYER”