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    February 23, 2021 by

    She was no psychic; she was far from delusional.  There was nothing in her demeanor that threw up a red flag in my mind throughout our conversation.  She was a retired schoolteacher with very good balance in her rationale. The story began as she said, “There is a picture of my husband.  He died about… Read more


    February 22, 2021 by

    A Christian brother came to the pulpit to lead us in prayer, and as he did so, we could sense the depth of his sincerity, the burden of his heart, and the concern for the church and its membership.  Somewhere in the middle of his prayer I heard the expression: “Lord, we don’t want to… Read more


    February 21, 2021 by

    Most of you reading this title will immediately say: “I know all ten!  Why print them.  Follow me and you cannot help but notice the ten of the New Testament were not what you had expected.  I do not know who compiled the list originally, but blessing will be for us to follow the schedule… Read more


    February 20, 2021 by

    I studied her features, listened to her accent, and finally decided that I would have to ask: “And where did you come from originally?”  Her reply surprised me, because she didn’t resemble those I’ve known from the Philippine Islands.  She proceeded to explain that her family had moved there from Spain and Holland prior to… Read more


    February 19, 2021 by

    Traffic was at a “crawl”; “the good old days” of driving up Grand Avenue with one lane in each direction without much by way of interruption, has long gone.  This snail pace because of development all around us has become a gigantic problem that worsens each day.  Since boredom set in, I began reading all… Read more


    February 18, 2021 by

    by, Phillips Brooks Here is a man who was born in a lowly manger, the child of a peasant woman. He worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty, and then for three years he was an itinerant preacher. He never wrote a book.  He never held an office.  He never went to college.… Read more


    February 17, 2021 by

    Naturally when we think of this title, we reflect back on 1 Corinthians 13 and try to apply some of these principles to practical circumstances.  We might also reflect on Proverbs 31 and the wife performing her entrustment as “unto the Lord Himself”.  Love causes us to function in a manner that is contrasted with… Read more


    February 16, 2021 by

    I have known that there was such a wood, but not much about the wood itself since I was a child.  A little prodding from a source that made no reference whatsoever to Lignum Vitae, caused me to reflect back on that childhood memory. The trees, originally from the Antilles, is a very tight grained… Read more


    February 13, 2021 by

    Each day I would be in 5 to 10 different homes.  I looked for opportunities to share something about our wonderful Lord Jesus.  Prayerfully we observe the surroundings and look for a “springboard” that will allow us to step through an open door. One day, as I entered the home of this 90-year-old lady, I… Read more


    February 12, 2021 by

    The sound was distinct, like that of a Bermuda High Flier kite with its hummers.  From childhood we had learned to add those hummers that made our kites more than just showpieces; each kite could be heard.  If it was just hanging with little motion, there was that steady hum.  With a wind change, or… Read more


    February 11, 2021 by

    The early morning weather was perfect.  A more beautiful setting for a flock of geese making their way across our home would be hard to find.  They came with that familiar wedge shape attracting us all.  Practically every morning I witness this similar picture as they leave the lake in Youngtown and head for the… Read more


    February 10, 2021 by

    Is it possible that you have been unaware that God is seeking you?  Some may have an idea about God, whereas there is not a comprehension of that personal and intimate relationship that can be established.  It is to that end that we address some thoughts from the Gospel of Luke, chapter 15. Doctor Luke… Read more


    February 9, 2021 by

    The sound was arresting.  Having awakened from a deep sleep, the quietness was being penetrated by the cooing of a dove close by.  Somewhat reflectively, I found myself in northern Pennsylvania remembering the first morning of our honeymoon when the stillness of our cabin had been penetrated with the sounds of dove, whip-poor-will, and bob-white.… Read more


    February 8, 2021 by

    Each stone was perfect to the point that it became obvious to those who are familiar with such construction, it was a façade.  Nevertheless, it was beautiful and caught our attention the moment we entered the building. We had arrived in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, to celebrate with the congregation at Grace Bible Chapel the dedication… Read more


    February 4, 2021 by

    Reading the Book of Isaiah today, I could very as well be reading the morning News.  Think, this was probably written, perhaps as much as three to four thousand years ago.  Someone said that it is so graphic that it is “Enuf to break God’s mirror!” There is a tenfold indictment in Chapter 1… You… Read more


    February 3, 2021 by

    Thanks and thanksgiving are mentioned at least six times in The Book of Colossians.  The various contexts in which they are found are most interesting; the one mentioned in 4:2 (NASB) is worthy of special consideration today.  The Apostle has just mentioned how slaves should treat their masters, and unless the masters think themselves to… Read more


    February 2, 2021 by

    I love to “sing to the Lord!” (Psalm 96:1)  The remainder of that verse goes on to say: “a new song; Sing to the Lord, all the earth.” The songs that I sing are never “new” to me.  I am aware that is not my capacity.  I tried one time in public… that was it! … Read more


    February 1, 2021 by

    We have been living in a period where liars abound!  Then, maybe I am sufficiently ignorant that I lack the ability to discern who is telling me the truth.  It is a sad commentary of our times when “trust” in what I am being told is negated, because there is such an abundance of “untruth”.… Read more


    January 31, 2021 by

    When I discovered those words in John 20:31, many years ago, and then secured a Ready Reference from The Pocket Testament League, I stopped and thanked the Lord.  I copy that list from the Gospel of John: The Son of God                                        1:1-14 Son of Man, Social Christ                       2:1-10 The Divine Teacher                                 3:2-21 The Soul Winner                 … Read more


    January 30, 2021 by

    Two of us were reflecting on the clarity of Scripture, and in particular the teachings of sanctification.  The question arose in this manner: “When I recall an action in the past wherein I sinned, and I had confessed my sin and experienced God’s forgiveness, yet it comes back to “haunt” me in later years, how… Read more


    January 29, 2021 by

    As a youngster, I would stand in respect as the hearse went by, whether I knew the corpse or not.  It was masterfully built, black that had been polished to the richest gloss, and harness on the horse equal to it.  The driver in our Parish was Fitsy Simmons, who cared for the church property,… Read more


    January 28, 2021 by

    This was far more than the need to tie a string around the finger, and certainly not something that should be so soon forgotten that it no longer was having an effect on the lives of the dispersed tribes.  The message of the Messiah, Jesus, had reached the “scattered tribes” and effected a transformation in… Read more


    January 27, 2021 by

    I recall so well how shortly after becoming a Christian I was enamored with prophetic preachers and their projections regarding the return of Christ for His own.  Scripture after Scripture was woven into the subject and I found it hard to comprehend where their exegesis drew the conclusions on which they were hanging their hats. … Read more


    January 26, 2021 by

    Life seems so complicated at times.  We present our requests to God, and the next thing we encounter is a complicity of negative experiences!  Sometimes it may only be one, but nevertheless, it is there staring me straight in the face; an accident, a death, a financial downfall, sickness, a family break-up—the list is impossible… Read more


    January 17, 2021 by

    When one considers the life of the Apostle Paul, you have to conclude that he left an indelible impression upon the world of his day.   However, two thousand years later he continues make an impression wherever Jesus Christ is uplifted around the globe. From his conversion on the road to Damascus, (Acts9) he became a… Read more


    January 16, 2021 by

    As I write this, I am aware that we have come through one of the most complicated years that one can imagine, with more to be expected!  Sad to say, but in understanding the Scriptures, one has to conclude that while all of this bedlam has been promulgated from one side of the world to… Read more


    January 15, 2021 by

    On occasion I have thought to myself, “Why have I been praying? “  God does not seem to be listening to my prayers!  It appears that He has forgotten that I exist; in fact, I am discouraged to the extent that I do not “feel” like approaching Him, because I have asked again and again… Read more


    January 14, 2021 by

    In life we face obstacles that thwart progress, one of which is the human fear of having such obstacles alone.  However, there have been occasions when I would have much preferred to have “company” to deal with problem.  One such situation might be this “go” business that we referred to yesterday.  Those who know me… Read more


    January 13, 2021 by

    The Book of Revelation was written to the seven Churches of Asia; it was written by the Apostle John, and indicated the immediate as well as the future for the Church.  It leaves only one church without a message of condemnation by the end of history; (Philadelphia) there God says: “I know your deeds.  Behold,… Read more

  • WHEN I CONSIDER (Psalm 8)

    January 12, 2021 by

    “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your name in all the earth, Who have displayed Your splendor above the heavens!” I doubt that I am alone in “star gazing”.  As a child I often lay on the grass, in the hammock, or even sitting in a chair, and enjoyed gazing into the heavens.  It… Read more


    January 3, 2021 by

    The advertising of the hour speaks of that to which I am “entitled”.   Some of it is accurate, and some of it questionable.   Discerning which is, or which is not, a part of an individual’s or organizations “entitlement” may prove frustrating.  To discover later that you were “ripped off” can be a little more than… Read more


    January 2, 2021 by

    That word does not appear in Scripture until 2 Kings 20:5, where Hezekiah, having learned of his approaching death from Isaiah, “turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord;” God responded through Isaiah, “return and say to Hezekiah the leader of My people, ‘Thus says the Lord, the God of your father… Read more


    January 1, 2021 by

    Most of us bear scars of one type or another!  Sometimes we have opportunity to share the story of how those were acquired, and we go on a tirade to endeavor to surpass anyone who has just shared theirs.  I certainly cannot boast about some that I developed along the way, they are from ignorance. … Read more


    December 31, 2020 by

    While much has been argued from the liberal and conservative sides of politics, of one side or the other, long ago I came to the conclusion that the majority of people have left God out of the matter.  Even when the Scriptures have been used, all too often they are used in a most haphazard… Read more


    December 30, 2020 by

    It does not happen often, but when it does, it catches attention; and that was the case between Naomi and Ruth. Elimelech, who was from Bethlehem, (which means house of bread and praise) married Naomi (which means pleasant).  And they had two sons, Mahlon and Chilion.  When a famine hit the area of Bethlehem, they… Read more


    December 28, 2020 by

    If I had been desirous of turning the “world upside down” (KJV Acts 17:6) or “These men who have upset the world have come here also;” (NASB) I doubt that I would have chosen the 12 men that Jesus chose.  But then, please make allowance for my limitations and abilities.  These men were unique in… Read more


    December 27, 2020 by

    It is probable that we have heard of Daniel and his ability to interpret dreams; if for no other reason our understanding of his experience in the lion’s den.  It is so extraordinary that it seems to have been repeated for more than 2600 years. Few of us, if any, would have equaled something of this… Read more


    December 26, 2020 by

    We often joke about our forgetfulness as we grow older.  We sometimes, but not too often, have nothing to joke about.  It did not take long after I became a Christian to realize, that in the process of studying the Scriptures that sometimes forgetfulness is a convenience and ends up as sin that I should… Read more


    December 25, 2020 by

    A star in motion … Wise men in motion … Herod in motion … Joseph-Mary in motion … More wise men in motion … Angels in motion … Shepherds in motion … A Child in motion… And all because God was in motion! A prophetic promise had been made to men by God (Genesis 3:15)… Read more


    December 24, 2020 by

    While “a Star” was edging wise men from the East toward Jerusalem, a decree was being enacted by Caesar Augustus to register and tax the folk under his control.  A young couple, Joseph and Mary, in obedience to that decree, headed toward Bethlehem from Nazareth.  Enough is spelled out in the Gospels to give clarity… Read more


    December 23, 2020 by

    In reading the story of the birth of the Savior of mankind, Jesus, I recalled how God had to put everything into motion so that even simple minded people like me could not help but observe that only thousands of years later there would be the evidence of HIS planned program. There had been a… Read more


    December 22, 2020 by

    I look back often at some of the things I acquired in my developing years, only to discover that they probably are more of tradition than what would be an understanding and application of the Word of God.  An excellent illustration of this can be found in Mark 7. The chapter opens with a group… Read more

  • PROVERBS 4:20-27

    December 21, 2020 by

    I promised I would do this on occasion. “My son, give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your sight; keep them in the midst of your heart; For they are life to those who find them and health to all their body. Watch over your… Read more


    December 20, 2020 by

    Having been brought up in a tight financial situation in World War 2, and following, there were times that I looked at the financially affluent, thinking that it would be wonderful to be in that situation.  However, as the years slipped by I began to realize that what I thought to be “wonderful” might never… Read more


    December 19, 2020 by

    When my father was in the middle age bracket, I recall him often saying: “I will never leave “The Rock”; that simply meant that he would never leave Bermuda to go any other place.  Bermudians often referred to Bermuda as “The Rock”!  Numerous events occurred that caused him to have to change his opinion, and… Read more


    December 18, 2020 by

    The old farmer, visiting a friend, noted that no one gave thanks before the meal. He could not resist his “needed” rebuke: “The only thing around our home that does not give thanks before a meal is the “hogs”.  I am certain I would have been a little more gracious than that, like:  “May I… Read more


    December 17, 2020 by

    The Book of Hebrews is particularly written to Hebrews, yet it unfolds truths that are equally important for every Christian.  There are always those who like to argue concerning authorship, or some portion of its contents.  However, as we read its contents and interpret them in light of the other books of the Bible, we… Read more


    December 16, 2020 by

    Every so often you meet a person that you think to yourself, “My, what God could do with that person!  He has such a personality, and his ability to communicate is beyond the normal; wow!”  You meet another who you are convinced: “What a “nice” individual!  However, I doubt that he or she will get… Read more


    December 15, 2020 by

    Daily… that’s right, I said daily, we have to deal with a word that appears in the Bible in its various forms, more than one hundred forty-seven times.  It is not one of the first words that we learn, but what it represents is learned at a very early age; once learned and refined in… Read more


    December 14, 2020 by

    My friend Jerry is an interesting character that I met at a prayer meeting when Patsy and I moved to Arizona.  We get together weekly just to fellowship and talk about the Scriptures. If I share with Jerry something special of the Lord’s working, he will usually say in a very sagacious manner, “Coincidental!”  He… Read more

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