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ETCetera is a blog written by Rev. Edward (Ted) Cowen. He focuses on many subjects and ideas concerning present times. While many topics may not be of popular opinion, He approaches the matter with strong Biblical support. He hopes you will find these writings a blessing.

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It was hard on the ears to listen to the choir squeaking and squawking, and of course there was one dominant voice, intent on proving their need of her.  The building itself was in need of attention, and as for me, I was convinced that I was probably the only one who was given overContinue reading “TAKE TIME TO BE HOLY”


He went to the city of Hamilton and purchased tickets for our family, his mother and a cousin to spend 28 days on the Lady Nelson.  There was probably about 30 to 40 passengers total and those were the days when the ships carried both passengers and freight.  Each moment of that cruise was phenomenal. Continue reading “FOR JUST A MOMENT”