In life we face obstacles that thwart progress, one of which is the human fear of having such obstacles alone.  However, there have been occasions when I would have much preferred to have “company” to deal with problem. 

One such situation might be this “go” business that we referred to yesterday.  Those who know me personally are aware of my weakness, and even in my “old age”, they endeavor to encourage me in this area.  Perhaps their “push” has led me into this area of ministry instead of trying to keep abreast of the younger crowd.

God said “GO”!  Knowing there were people like me, He promised in John 14 that He would accompany me.  Not only there, but in verse 20 of Matthew 28 He spoke to us: “Lo!  I am with you always, even to the end of the age!”  That word “age”, we all know does not refer to my personal “age”, but to the end of the age, prophetically.

There are several things encompassed in that thought.  He is to be with me in the most difficult of circumstances enabling me to fulfill His instructions.  Then again, His presence is accompanying me.  My heart, my mind, is cognizant of His presence and therefore I am supported in this endeavor. 

Another consideration is that He is the “All Powerful” One who created the universe.  He is more than able to sustain me in fulfilling my commission from Him.

Please do not forget that we are an integral part of His purpose, and that we have been accorded the greatest privilege in the world!  We are living objects on an ambassadorship.

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