Focusing or refocusing on God and His Word is not easily attainable but takes effort. I was reading the 68th Psalm and concluded I would make a comment or two concerning the sixth verse – “God makes a home for the lonely”; when our daughter Cathy, out of nowhere said: “Dad!  Isn’t it interesting toContinue reading “FOR THE LONELY”


The early morning weather was perfect.  A more beautiful setting for a flock of geese making their way across our home would be hard to find.  They came with that familiar wedge shape attracting us all.  Practically every morning I witness this similar picture as they leave the lake in Youngtown and head for theContinue reading “LONERS”


In life we face obstacles that thwart progress, one of which is the human fear of having such obstacles alone.  However, there have been occasions when I would have much preferred to have “company” to deal with problem.  One such situation might be this “go” business that we referred to yesterday.  Those who know meContinue reading “NOT ALONE”