Almost a grin upon his face, within his heart beat hope,

He spoke his boyish, anguished words, but heard the man say “Nope.”

“You look here son, I bought the boat; I’ve got the bill of sale.

 Why if I gave these things away, my business soon would fail.”

“Now if you wish I’ll hold the boat, till you can raise the money.

A dollar’s all the price I ask, is that a bargain Sonny?”

The boy said:  “Well, I guess so sir, though I made the boat myself,

I lost it on the stormy lake, that’s it upon your shelf.”

A few days lapsed, than back again, a dollar in his hand,

The boy said:  “Mister, here’s you price for my boat there on that stand.”

Then gazing fondly at the boat, he spoke as if it knew:

“I made you once, now your mine twice, “cause” I’ve just paid for you.”

Oh derelict on sins tossed sea, stormed by demon crews;

Born once die twice, born twice die once, each soul must surely choose.

Born once can never be enough, for Jesus paid your price.

No earthly effort can avail, UNTIL YOUR SOUL’S BORN TWICE!

-Bruce Parker

Read John 3… Born once – die twice, Born twice – die once

Better never born than never Born Again!

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