Every so often I read something that I think:  “I wish I could think like that.”  That “Old Boy” of a preacher had more punch into a few words than I can think of in all of years of preaching.  Let me illustrate! The “Old Preacher” was endeavoring to lead a man to a savingContinue reading “SHORT ARMS”


Almost twenty ago I entered the hospital with “chest pains”.  Eleven days later, because of multiplied complications, I came home.  The old “ticker” had problems because the arteries around it were “clogged”.  There was need for a quadruple bypass.  Such problems, or their solutions, are quite common these days. Joining the “zipper club” is noContinue reading “MORE REPAIRS”


Almost a grin upon his face, within his heart beat hope, He spoke his boyish, anguished words, but heard the man say “Nope.” “You look here son, I bought the boat; I’ve got the bill of sale.  Why if I gave these things away, my business soon would fail.” “Now if you wish I’ll holdContinue reading “ARE YOU BORN TWICE?”