As one reviews the Gospels, we are made aware of a few times when our Lord went up onto the mountain to find solitude. 

As one reviews the Gospels, we are made aware of a few times when our Lord went up onto the mountain to find solitude.  He was exhausted from the heaviness of crowds that constantly came to Him with their problems; be they physical, mental, filial, or spiritual.  These had to have been burdensome!  That type of exposure is not dumped from the mind easily.

Think with me on Luke 6:12 for just a moment.  He did not have a “home” to which he could retreat, or a closet on which He might close the door.  What might appear to be a problem was isolating himself in a manner that the crowds did not follow.  There on that mountain He prayed!  You might wonder “why should the second part of the Triune God pray”?  In coming to earth, He condescended to the likeness of human flesh.  In that process Jesus exposed himself to every weakness of mankind and felt the need of constant communion with the Father.  His destiny was determined.  He would become the perfect substitute for mankind by offering himself as a sin offering to the Father.  He communed with God the Father for strengthening that he would never be deterred from His destiny.  We cannot help but be reminded of the particular statement He made from the Cross—“It is finished!” (John 19:30)

In the process of “taking a rest”, we speed off to our toys, to our other toys, and figuratively, we leave God behind.  We “huff and puff” about the problems we encounter en-route; our toys have problems and we invariably arrive at home, having concluded: “I will not do that again.”  Next week—repeat performance!  Did we rest? Who are you kidding?

If you went to the mountain and spent the weekend communing with the Lord, your profiting would be obvious to you, your family, and your friends!  You would have thought I was important.  My daughter, a gem of gems, made all the arrangements, took me to the airport, checked me in, arranged a wheel-chair, picked my seat and checked that “the package” had arrived in Texas. 

My niece and her husband provided superb accommodations for an entire week, and my sister and I talked, and talked, about things of yesteryear, and of course our relationship to the Lord.

Then, there was much time for prayer and study of the Scriptures!!

The trip back home was perfect!  Everything was arranged as per Cathy’s instructions, with her and Cris meeting me at the airport.  An excellent Mountain Top experience! If Jesus needed a “rest”, how much more we need one!  My friend said: “Leave on Monday and return on Friday and you avoid the crowds.”  While that is an excellent instruction, make sure you Go to the Mountain and refresh your soul in time spent with the Lord!

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