After I visited the Holy Land, I was more than convinced how some use the items for profit, for support of their fantasies, for notoriety, the list is endless.  I fully expect them to find sufficient pieces of wood from the cross to build another Noah’s ark. The thought that has lingered in my mindContinue reading “THE FRINGE OF HIS CLOAK”


As one reviews the Gospels, we are made aware of a few times when our Lord went up onto the mountain to find solitude.  As one reviews the Gospels, we are made aware of a few times when our Lord went up onto the mountain to find solitude.  He was exhausted from the heaviness ofContinue reading “A LITTLE “REST””


I wrote recently about the many birds that come into our back yard.  They are all beautiful to watch and though we do not feed them, they must know how much they are appreciated by their daily return. A number of them are doves; whenever I take time to sit and watch them I noticeContinue reading “THE WINGS OF A DOVE”


But I will sacrifice to You With the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay what I have vowed. Salvation is of the Lord. Jonah 2:9 Our 55 foot yacht felt like it was drifting. The winds had not been too favorable and anxiety of arriving in Newport, R.I. in time for the return race to Bermuda was playing on ourContinue reading “A HAVEN FOR THE WEARY”


Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. MattHEW 11:28 Our recent return to my homeland, the Island of Bermuda, produced much by way of reflection. As the plane began its descent, the Captain announced the arrival time in Bermuda to be in approximately thirty minutes. As the minutesContinue reading “A COMFORTER”


The message of the Gospel must be communicated to a World that does not know Jesus as their Savior! That always sounds reasonable to a Congregation intent on presenting Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit of God to minister to the needs of mankind. How to achieve this became the next question. Joe Bailey tookContinue reading “IT WAS QUITE SIMPLE”


Search the world over and restlessness is apparent wherever one goes. Old and young are much alike in that they are trying to find stability, only to become more frustrated with each new thing that they endeavor to create or explore. Our suicide rates soar, families are broken, finances are totally out of kilter, andContinue reading “RESTLESSNESS”