“Basil Cell Carcinoma”; if you have to have cancer, it is the best type to have.”  That was the way my doctor described it.  If your doctor is your friend, and it is aggressive, you are blessed in yet another way. 

The specialist said: “Let’s shoot for 99% effective versus 85% effective.”  The surgeon said: “You are young and I want the procedure to look as good as possible.  I will remove it and the plastic surgeon will repair it the following day.”  The plastic surgeon said: “We meet again.”  (He had repaired my hand ten years earlier following an accident.)  “I will determine the procedure when I see the end result of the micrographic surgery.”

As I sat in the chair for the surgery, they covered every exposed area, save that small area of the nose to be treated.  The needles isolated the area to pain and in a few minutes the job was completed.  The process of waiting to see if a further surgery is needed took almost two hours.  I returned to the repeated process to isolate the problem and remove it.  This time they added support within the nose.  Throughout the procedure every effort was made to never extend beyond what was mandatory.

It was the day following and the plastic surgeon quickly removed the bandage just as I was ready for surgery.  In seconds his decision was made.  Again I experienced all of the thoughtfulness that could be exerted, but the thing that caught my attention was that all of the other things were secondary to the primary.  The ears and eyes were protected, the arms were made comfortable, a pillow was placed under the knees, a warm blanket was in place and I was ready for the hour and half surgery.  Everything was focused and isolated to a remedial correction of a sick-looking situation.

There it is!  This illustration is paramount to all of this.  When Jesus talked about forgiveness in Matthew 18, He endeavored to utilize the idea of focused, isolated, and remedial.  In 1 Corinthians, Paul dealt with the problems and narrowed them to necessity.  You disclose to whom and what is mandatory.  If it is broadened, it is because of the individual’s refusal to follow Scriptural principles.

Personal sin should be dealt with personally before you arrive at “The Table of the Lord”. (Chapter 11)  Don’t exploit a problem, even at the pretense of “praying for the situation”.  My doctors never let other weaknesses of the body detract them from the cancerous and remedial problem that they set out to correct.

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