On occasion I have met with individuals that know little or nothing about the Scriptures; however, they seem to recollect that Jesus went to a wedding feast and turned water into wine. (John 2)   Out of a twisted interpretation they take this miracle as an approval for drinking alcoholic beverages.  This particular word for wine, in the Greek, is what is considered “sweet wine”, or non fermented wine.  Throughout the Word of God, that same word in context is used for sweet wine.

What was so significant about this miracle, is that it was the first miracle that Christ performed; it was performed at a most embarrassing moment for the host; it is noted that “the mother of Jesus and His disciples were present, and the mother said to Jesus, ‘they have no wine’”. This is a most dramatic experience to them and to us.  I cannot recall Jesus mother ever giving her Son an order or request in the Scriptures.  That is the main reason I do not believe that any prayer should be made through Mary.  Jesus did say: “If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.”

Another note is that Mary said only: “They have no wine.”  Jesus reply:  “What does that have to do with us?  Mine hour has not yet come.”  His blood had not been shed!  It is obvious that while she was aware of His ability, there was nothing in the statement that indicated she expected anything to be done.

When the miracle was performed, and they took it to the headwaiter, the taste was “superior”.  Any activity that allows Christ to assume control will always “taste” superior to a mere human effort.  Did you not catch that little statement, “but you have kept the good wine until now?”  (v10)

Necessity makes us cognizant of who can really meet us in our need to have our “water pots” filled, and Jesus will fill them to our satisfaction and beyond! 


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