By, Linda De Silva

Tucked in the middle of a sentence, these words from the TV speaker caught my attention, and I recalled God’s amazing grace experienced over many decades.  Reminiscences flooded my mind and I paused to whisper my thanks to the One who is with me all the time … every day, everywhere, in life’s trials as well as its triumphs.

God’s presence is not limited to one day a week and one location.  Those who are in close fellowship with our omnipresent God through personal, saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, will know what I mean – they experience the everyday, everywhere presence of God; while those who do not will find it a mystery.   But it is NOT unknowable, or beyond our grasp.  The Gospel (good news) is that the Lord Jesus came to this earth, helping and healing the sick, the sinful, and the suffering. He lived and loved, was cruelly crucified, died, was buried and rose again. (Romans 5: 8) He is in Heaven, interceding on behalf of all who entrust their lives to Him by faith, that they might know Him personally, and enjoy the Holy Spirit’s abiding presence as comforter, guide, and advocate. (SeeRomans 3:23; 6:23:10:13)

Today, many observers, religious and secular, note the world’s problems – ecological, relational (family, national and international) and express their concerns.  In fact, it is obvious to any thinking person, that the world is becoming a more dangerous place.  As predicted in the Bible, wars, famine, earthquakes, tsunamis and lawlessness are increasing.   Facing the future without a personal saving relationship with the Creator, Sustainer, and Saviour of the world is an immensely dangerous (and unnecessary) situation, when He is so patiently waiting to save all who come to Him by faith.

After the Lord Jesus ascended to heaven, St. Peter warned of the horrors to come in the Last Days.  They are outlined in Acts 2: 16 – 21.  But, there is still time!  Salvation is offered TODAY: “Anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (v.21) 

Call on the Lord for salvation, TODAY!
Then, live every day, everywhere for God!”

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