Reading through Genesis we garner truths concerning parents showing partiality to one child above another.  In particular we refer to Isaac who had married Rebekah. Genesis 25:19 and following!  She had twins, Esau and Jacob.  Isaac favored Esau, and Rebekah favored Jacob. (You need to read the entire story.)

On an occasion when Esau came home and smelled the “pot” that Jacob cooked, he could not contain himself, and Jacob took the opportunity to trade food for Esau’s birthright.  Later, when Isaac was nearing death and had gone blind Rebekah encouraged Jacob to secure the “birthright” through manipulation.  In fact, she even assisted throughout the scheme.  He had to flee his home because Esau had threatened to kill him following Isaac’s death.

Obviously, one can only ascertain by what went on in these two instances, that there is many untold family rivalries.  When either parent shows partiality toward their children, it is not long before the effect of such actions begins, and sadly continues.

 The name “Jacob” carries with it several possible meanings, “supplanter” and “trickster” as well as “heel catcher” notes Dr. C. Ryrie.   He also notes: “The birthright of the eldest son gave him precedence over his brothers (cf. 43:33) and assured him a double share of his father’s inheritance (Deuteronomy 21:17).  It could be forfeited by committing a serious sin (1 Chronicles 5:1) and it could be bartered as in this instance.  The agreement was solemnized by an oath (v33).

It is a sad situation that has developed.  However, taking the time to read the remainder of Genesis, you will find the manipulative character of Jacob repeated again and again.  It was a flaw that probably hindered him to the grave and limited his accomplishments.  However God did not “throw him out with the bath water.”  God sees fit to “fit us in” at other junctures of our lives and still use us in our weaknesses.  In fact, think of such people in Scripture and how God “Revived” them for a new venture of service.  They are many!  Be a part of that “many”!

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