I have never been a poet, yet my efforts were satisfying to my need.  I often jotted down notes on a multiplicity of subjects for fun, sometimes for spiritual truths, frequently for the love of my life, Patsy.  I seldom purchased a card, but so enjoyed writing to her and about her.

The poem today is also in my book, Forever Forgiving.  Hopefully you will read the Book at your convenience.  When you have finished reading today’s poem, just move to ETCetera.


He hung between two thieves

The Christ of Calvary

Undeserving as He was

They nailed Him to a tree

The mob railed on that day

“Crucify Him, Crucify Him”

What they failed to know

He was dying for their sin.

Above the noise and din

Words He spoke rang through,

“Father, forgive them

They know not what they do.”

Such love, mercy, and grace

Displayed in condescension

God incarnate, Christ the Son,

Beyond our comprehension!

To you, to me, He speaks

‘Tis displayed upon His brow

“I want your love returned

Why not give it?  Do it now!”

“Father forgive them

They know not what they do.”

Parting words from the Savior

Grants us life anew!

I heard His plea to God

For this sinner and my need

Forgiven!  What a word!

Eternally FORGIVEN, He decreed!

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