Various churches, denominations, have a structured organization that consists of Pastors, Elders, Deacons, and an assortment of titles that lend itself to their particular function.

Some pastors have no trouble adjusting to these structures; while for others there is the necessity of sticking as close as possible to words utilized in the Scriptures or their equivalents, to pastor a church that has titles that vary in the slightest. I have noticed over the years that you can gather where the church was founded, what were the circumstances, or who was its first pastor by those structures. Please do not hold me 100% accuracy on my observations.

In Acts 6 the growing church of that era was faced with, how do we handle this situation? The Pastors or Elders were struggling with the time element in interpreting the Scriptures that had been fulfilled with the coming of Christ, His death, resurrection, and application of those principles that emerged from an understanding of Grace versus Law. Then of course was the need for these things to be taught.

They therefore appointed Deacons. The criteria of obedience to the Scriptures were the first necessity. They were “Colaborers”, as one brother has designated them. Their responsibility would be explained by the words of Acts 6:2, “seven men of good reputation, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, who we may put in charge of this task.” This would allow freedom on the part of the disciples from having “to serve food”, and also to “devote themselves prayer and to the ministry of the word.”

Further in the Scriptures the work of the Deacons, the “Colaborers”, is fully engaged in pursuing that responsibility. In fact, the very word “deacon” has the idea of a man “kicking up the dust”. These guys were busy with their responsibility, running to a fro to meet the needs of these converts. It was no mean job. If you should be chosen for this labor of love, do not look at it as something that no one else wants, and certainly do not accept it if you cannot “kick up the dust” in service to those in need. Titles are a far cry from responsibility. A swelled head does not substitute for a servant’s towel.

Think on these things!!!

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