Recall with me the departure of Israel from Egypt. After years of living in slavery, these folks had been given the instructions to move into the Promised Land, and it would be under the leadership of Moses, who you recall had been brought up by Pharaoh’s daughter.

It took ten plagues to convince Pharaoh that he should send them forth, and he did so with a certain amount of reticence, knowing that he had lost his labor force.

They left, but without sufficient supplies to take them to the Promised Land. We have the record of how they crossed the Red Sea on “dry land”, took Jericho, and then journeyed to Kadesh Barnea. God in His providence knew of their need for water, bread and more, so He provided, in addition, quail; and provided in a most miraculous fashion. However, like all humans, they tired of the same meals and began to grumble. Someone said that when you grumble you are in effect saying: “I could have done this better than God!”

As God provided manna, which was like bread, the instructions were for them to gather only sufficient for one day. If they gathered more than needed, it went bad and it bred worms. Greediness prevailed and as the Sabbath came they wondered what would take place. Moses instructed them to gather twice as much on Friday; it did not go bad and they were able to rest on the Sabbath.

God had showed them (Exodus 16:10) “as they looked toward the wilderness, and the glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud”. He had said to them: “At twilight you shall eat meat, and in the morning you shall be filled with bread; and you shall know that I am the Lord your God.” (Exodus 16:12)

When one reads to the end of Exodus 16:35, “The sons of Israel ate the manna forty years, until they came to an inhabited land; they ate the manna until they came to the border of the land of Canaan.”

Many preachers have seen this entire scene as a picture of our need for daily bread that should come from our enjoying the “manna” of God’s Word on a daily basis. David certainly spoke highly of his own reflections upon God’s Word (The Book of Psalms), and that on a daily basis. One preacher of the past said: “No Bible, No Breakfast.” One cannot go wrong on that approach to each day with the Lord.

A friend memorized the entire Christmas Story, and each Christmas he was requested to recite it in its entirety before his home church. My beloved wife memorized large portions of the Book of Romans in her Vacation Bible School programs.

In our daily encounters, remember the “glory of God” as they “looked toward the wilderness.” See Him in His daily provisions.

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