Naturally, we tend to remember the idiosyncrasies of people more quickly than the consistent positive traits that should remain in the mind. Such is the case when I think of a relative, my uncle by marriage, who, in our immediate family was sometimes lovingly referred to as “Chuckin Willie”!

You wonder why? Though I do not recall ever hearing a curse word from his mouth, the word “chuckin’” was his substitute. Gratefully, it replaced words that in this modern era people consider a necessity to utilize but in far too many cases are completely foreign to the text of the conversation.

He chewed tobacco and could spit as straight as an arrow. He suffered a handicap on one leg but managed to climb the 185 steps of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse daily. With six children and a constantly sick wife, he repaired shoes, made nets for the fishermen, tended a garden, and prepared much of the food for his family. These things in addition to his main job as a lighthouse keeper demonstrated his desire to be a good father and husband.

Through difficult times, there were occasions when people would assist Chuckin’ Willie by providing gifts for the family. While you might have thought you would hear him speak flowingly of his gratitude toward such generosity, the most I ever heard him speak was a phrase that incorporated these words: “It was no more than they should do.” I was not with him twenty-four hours a day, and perhaps if I were, I would have heard such expressions as: “Thanks! While you had no obligation to share this with us, we appreciate it ever so much.”

Thanksgiving is not the only day to say “THANK YOU!” to our wonderful Lord. The attitude: “No more than He should do” permeates our society.

While reading Psalm 147 the picture of praise and thanksgiving to God is predominant. Perhaps the discipline of daily thanking God for at least ten items of which we have been cognizant throughout the day would form a good habit. Avoid repetition by writing specific items and pledge not to repeat the same blessing in one week.

That “no more than He should do” mentality will gradually slip into the past; the present experiences of life with praise and thanksgiving at every bend in the road will be more in keeping with what God wants and deserves from us. I hope that such an attitude will be what others will remember concerning you and me.

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