Christmas Thanks

To My Card givers and Care givers: Many thanks for all of you remembering me, and other family members at this momentous occasion… the Birth of our Blessed Savior!  Our gratitude goes out to every person involved in the support of our Commitment Ministry!  We continue to acknowledge that prayer is the most essential element;Continue reading “Christmas Thanks”


Thanks and thanksgiving are mentioned at least six times in The Book of Colossians.  The various contexts in which they are found are most interesting; the one mentioned in 4:2 (NASB) is worthy of special consideration today.  The Apostle has just mentioned how slaves should treat their masters, and unless the masters think themselves toContinue reading “THANKS AND THANKSGIVING”

Slowing Down and Learning to Be Content With It

There are many times when slowing down is not part of my agenda.  From a young age my dad would say, “Teddy, go cut the grass.”  I’d respond with, “I just did it yesterday.”  His counter, “Well, do it again!” I was always taught to keep busy, sometimes to a fault.   So with my latestContinue reading “Slowing Down and Learning to Be Content With It”


You wonder why? Though I do not recall ever hearing a curse word from his mouth, the word “chuckin’” was his substitute. Gratefully, it replaced words that in this modern era people consider a necessity to utilize but in far too many cases are completely foreign to the text of the conversation. He chewed tobaccoContinue reading “CHUCKIN’ WILLIE”


Today is thanksgiving, “The 4th Thursday in November observed as a legal holiday for giving thanks for Divine Goodness.” (Webster’s Dictionary) Call it whatever you propose, but that is its proper definition. May I suggest our observance in light of that, let us thank HIM! Shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth, Serve theContinue reading “THANKSGIVING”