What we discover is that David has the assurance that what is about to take place is God’s intercession.

We all are faced with situations that seem to be the worst ever.  In all probability David found himself immersed in situation of this nature.  Absalom, his son, was attempting to remove David as king, and to do so through taking his life.  In all probability David could have defended himself, however he chose to flee.  It is in this situation that David writes this Psalm. (5)

We begin by calling attention to the 7th Verse.  David has given it his best but refuses to stoop to destroying Absalom.  He recalls all of the enemies over which he has been victorious and accounts how the Lord has delivered him time and again!  He is positive that he could do so with Absalom, but such behavior he considers unbecoming toward the situation.  Just knowing what one can do to destroy another does not necessarily grant the freedom to do so.  David is confident that, God, in His own way and time will care for the matter, in spite of the overwhelming number alleging them self to Absalom.

There was a display of “no confidence” in David’s leadership because of the “many arising up against” David!  In fact, as we look into the situation, we see many saying: “There is no “deliverance for him in God.” Selah!  I can well understand such thinking when David is determined not to endeavor to destroy Absalom.  (By the way that “Selah” means “think about it.”)

What we discover is that David has the assurance that what is about to take place is God’s intercession.  He says in effect, I am surrounded by God.  He is the one who “lifts my head”.  “I was crying to the Lord with my voice, and He answered me from His holy mountain.”  (Here is that word “Selah” again.) Give thought to my experience!  Words to think about, to consider!  Again David has gained by “sleeping on it”.  (v5)  Numbers, 10 thousand in effect, are too little for David to fear!   God has given him assurance: “smite my enemies on the cheek”.

The closing verse of this 5th Psalm shows triumph… “Salvation belongs to the Lord; Your blessing be upon Your people!”  (3rd time…SELAH!) 

With God we are in the MAJORITY!

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