I had been looking for cedar to do some turning on my lathe. It was impossible to find what I wanted and so I gave further thought to what might serve as a substitute. I decided on redwood. The candleholders were for the doctors involved in my surgery a few years ago.

As I made the decision to use the redwood, it was with the idea that this particular wood comes from trees that stand majestically above most other trees. You may have your own “redwood” doctor, but mine are Dr.’s Florendo, Jilly and King. When it came to nursing care, there was Scott and Barbara. Certainly there were others involved who were quality caregivers, but these individuals and their personalities were special to me. Each seemed to excel, and, in my thinking, was a shade above the rest.

The lathe work became fun. I do not enjoy making each piece identically, but use my imagination to create each one a bit different from the others. The end result was that they were special.

We began looking for candles. As we chose different colors, we recognized that they still produce the same color light when burned; that is the whole principle behind a candle. It burns so that its light may remove darkness and provide a measure of safety to the beholder. So may it be with every believer in Jesus, to “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:18 NASB)

In the past, potters used wax to repair cracks in the pottery and make it useable. If it was without wax, it was considered perfect. I have thought often of those involved in patching up this old vessel of clay that was far from perfect. Some were involved in the physical work and others in the spiritual development.

Some of the candleholders were designed to have a chimney surrounding the candle. As I polished those pieces of glass, I found myself praying: Lord! I need to be clean in order for the light to shine through me. I want, more than ever, to be a light reflector. Help me to that end!

While the candleholder and the candlestick combined should be placed in a position that produces usefulness… never under a bushel basket, there is the necessity for us to burn our light to accomplish the best of service for our Savior, Jesus!

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