But when she could no longer hide him, she took an ark of bulrushes for him, daubed it with asphalt and pitch, put the child in it, and laid it in the reeds by the river’s bank. And his sister stood afar off, to know what would be done to him.

Then the daughter of Pharaoh came down to bathe at the river. And her maidens walked along the riverside; and when she saw the ark among the reeds, she sent her maid to get it. And when she opened it, she saw the child, and behold, the baby wept. So she had compassion on him, and said, “This is one of the Hebrews’ children.”

Exodus 2:3-6

It was time for the birth of our first child, Stephen, when Patsy said we needed a Bassinet. The search began and continued until accomplished. I told her that it was not sea-worthy, only to receive that stare of stares. So, I explained about Moses and his early days as a sailor, (Exodus 2:1-10). She definitely knew a lot more than I about that portion of Scripture, but always tolerated my sense of humor.

I learned that his basket, covered in tar and pitch, was probably made from papyrus plants. I know little about what went on in those days, although I look old enough to have been there.

When Moses was born, the Word of God says that his Mother “saw that he was beautiful” (v2) and so, against Pharaoh’s decree that as a boy he should be cast into the Nile, she hid him for three months. Knowing that he would eventually be discovered, she built an ark, made it seaworthy, and put it in the reeds beside the Nile. Someone said: “She laid him on the heart of God and then in a sea-going bassinet.”

God in His sovereignty allowed her daughter to watch, Pharaoh’s daughter to come for a bath there to spot the “basket”, arouse her curiosity sufficiently to have her maidens gather the basket, open it, have pity on the baby, and then take him home and raise him as her own. In the process, his sister offers the services of her mother who raises Moses under the nose of Pharaoh. She, Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses (one who draws out).

Through a multiplicity of experiences, God used Moses to lead Israel out of Egypt (Plagues), but would not allow him to enter the Promised Land. Joshua received that assignment.

It is good for us to reflect on how God arranges things in our lives to accomplish His purposes… no co-incidences! Each experience and each detail are under His leadership. Remember to Let Go and Let God!

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