Asking the Lord to give me insight about what to write as I sit at the computer, He immediately gave me direction to the 129th Psalm.  It is a song of “ascents”.  In effect, they uttered this Psalm as they made their way upward to Jerusalem on the special feast days.  Israel has known oppositionContinue reading “ABOUT ISRAEL”


In our modern society it is called “music”, and for that reason I find little reason to enjoy what comes over the airwaves.  I gave up listening to it about the time Elvis was singing “You ain’t nothing but a hound-dog”. My wife, who was a extraordinary musician, had said so often: “I am gladContinue reading “MOOSIK”


The Book of Exodus is just as the name suggests with the story of the Israelites being sent a man, Moses, to lead them from slavery to freedom.  From the very outset you gather the “incidents” that culminate in his leadership.  He has a couple of assistants in the likes of Aaron the Levite, andContinue reading “GOD GIVES ASSIGNMENTS”


Recall with me the departure of Israel from Egypt. After years of living in slavery, these folks had been given the instructions to move into the Promised Land, and it would be under the leadership of Moses, who you recall had been brought up by Pharaoh’s daughter. It took ten plagues to convince Pharaoh thatContinue reading “DAILY MANNA”


It was time for the birth of our first child, Stephen, when Patsy said we needed a Bassinet. The search began and continued until accomplished. I told her that it was not sea-worthy, only to receive that stare of stares. So, I explained about Moses and his early days as a sailor, (Exodus 2:1-10). SheContinue reading “A SEA-GOING BASSINET”


The Book of Psalms contains within it those which are described as Imprecatory Psalms. The author, of this Psalm 83 is in this case, Asaph. The enemies that are referred to are multiple and their efforts against Israel are quite descriptive. They hate God and exalt themselves. (v2) They make “shrewd” plans against Israel andContinue reading “TREASURED ONES”