“Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good;
Sing praises to His name, for it is pleasant.”

Psalm 135:3

Sometime ago I was listening to a debate between a noted preacher and the noted atheist, Madlynn Murry O’ Hair. At one point in the debate, things got a little touchy. O’Hair, feeling she had made her point, suddenly raised her voice and said: “Hallelujah! My friend, already in gear for the next round of questions missed a beautiful opportunity… and we all do at times… Madlynn had just said: “All Praise to God!”

We have all heard or used the old phrase many times. But, to hear a person of the notoriety of Ms O’Hair say, “Hallelujah!” was like offering a child candy; irresistible.

I have had to confess to God often for the dumb things, the trite things, the vulgar, the thoughtless and questionable things, plain and straightforward, sinful words that the old nature has caused me to emit with my tongue. This is all because I have not put my brain in gear, or for the reason that my pride wants to be boosted, in ignorance. But, for her to say, “Hallelujah!” showed me something much deeper. She wanted lots of attention, and it boosted her ego and security to say: “I am an atheist!” She must have lived a befuddled mental existence.

I have found (after 60 plus years in the ministry), that few are those who do not want some type of identification, whether in a baby’s baptism, a wedding, a funeral, or some other special occasion, with that person called God or His Son, Jesus Christ. Even in their curse words they acknowledge His existence!

The Scripture opens and closes with “God” and everything in between is revealing our accountability to Him now and in eternity future. Just saying He does not exist does not exonerate us from that accountability. He awaits yours and my bended knee and broken will. Hallelujah! ‘ALL PRAISE TO GOD!”

Hopefully you feel like I, singing the Hallelujah Chorus!

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