And He said, “The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground.”

Mark 4:26

Returning, after a week from home, I could not help but notice the number of roses that had died, or were in the process of dying on the rose bushes. Knowing that they would soon be all over the yard, and that they no longer had the appeal that they had prior to my week long venture, I secured my tools and proceeded to do what needed to be done.

Rose after rose was soon disposed into the bagged trash can. In a way it was discouraging. For more than 35 years it had been producing beautiful roses. Just when they were “peaking”, I had missed the bush with its gorgeous array of pink roses. By the way, it did not take long to realize again that things are still the way they have always been and that “thorns” accompany roses.

Over the years, God has allowed me to be the instrument, undeservedly so, of leading a person to Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Some have continued to serve in faithfulness, others have faltered, but have rose again, and yielding themselves have been restored and are on track for Him. However, on occasion there has been some who started out in high gear and then faltered without restoration.

Every time I conduct a graveside committal, I refer to the flower that accomplishes its purpose in life. Some continue to reproduce through the dropping of a seed, others drop petal by petal until nothing is left and they fail to reproduce. James in his Epistle describes the flower of the field that falls to the ground, and Mark in his Gospel likewise shares how the reproduction takes place, bit by bit. (Mark 4:26cf) The flower accomplished its purpose while here and the seed hereafter. A corsage, a bouquet, a fragrance!

Something to think about my friend!

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