“Do all things without complaining and disputing.”

Philippians 2:14

Another of those “coincidences”, my friend would say! Isn’t it exciting when you are searching for just the right word or object and suddenly it appears from the most unlikely conversation or location! In your heart you know that it could only have occurred through the ministering work of the Holy Spirit of God, working on your behalf.

The apostle Paul reminded the church at Philippi that they should do all things without “murmuring or disputing”. (Phil. 2:14) Murmuring has to do specifically with our attitude toward God; disputing has to do with our attitude toward men. In the process of making a decision on the subject for today, I came upon a note in my Bible: To murmur means, “I could have done it better than God!” While we might do some of our arguments at that level, and it is pathetic to do so, we are not sufficiently convinced that God did it right. We ascend to a higher elevation of ourselves and do not even realize that we have done so.

When it comes to “disputing”, we put ourselves on a pedestal and feel as though our thinking is equal to another person or just a little above theirs. We insist on feeling superior to them at the end of the challenge. It reminds me of a person whom I knew that would walk away with a grump, humph! We do not have to be superior to be the victor. Being available for the Holy Spirit of God to weave together our thinking, our direction, is far more important than I would have the “joy” of beating them down.

By the way, the subject today was “coincidental”!

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