Lies are usually identified as such the moment they are dropped from one’s lips to another’s ears.  The problem that it begets is guarded listening; figuring out what is truth and what is a lie.  The proverb says it is like “a sword”.  In fact it is described as “the thrust of a sword”, andContinue reading “SWORD”


We have been living in a period where liars abound!  Then, maybe I am sufficiently ignorant that I lack the ability to discern who is telling me the truth.  It is a sad commentary of our times when “trust” in what I am being told is negated, because there is such an abundance of “untruth”.Continue reading “OUR WORDS”


Pause for a moment Pause for a day The message of Christmas Scratched on some clay Passed on from one Embraced by us all A woman, a virgin Giving birth in a stall “No room” herein “Too crowded” they said “Down in the barn You may make a bed” Things have changed little Over theContinue reading “PAUSE AT CHRISTMAS”


Do you sometimes find yourself searching for a word that is most appropriate for the occasion? Recently I was doing exactly what I am talking about with the two words mentioned above… Preference and Prejudice. With everyone in the public arena exploiting situations, it is apparent that sometimes their selection of vocabulary is not alwaysContinue reading “PREFERENCE OR PREJUDICE”