Verse 4 – “An evildoer listens to wicked lips; a liar pays attention to a destructive tongue.” Verse 7 – “Excellent speech is not fitting for a fool, much less are lying lips to a prince.” Verse 10 – “A rebuke goes deeper into one who has understanding than a hundred blows into a fool.”Continue reading “COMMON SENSE!”


There are those who desire to favor and impress everyone with whom they come in contact.  Then there are those of the opposite persuasion; they could care less what others think!  It does not take long to determine what conclusion might be reached when you watch the interaction between two such individuals. While reading theContinue reading “IMPRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS”


Years ago I heard Dr. Roger Andrus say: “Wisdom is getting to know things from God’s point of view.” An excellent statement! In the Book of Wisdom, Proverbs, the “Wise man” places statement after statement indicative of the wisdom that originates from the heart of God. 2:1 “My son, if you will receive my wordsContinue reading “WISDOM”