Glimpses of the past, present and future loom into the mind of the Psalmist as he writes this hymn of praise.  He has not had the support of others, but he has the support of the Lord.  In recognizing that support he quickly refers to his intention to manifest “with all my heart” and toContinue reading “OPPOSITION LEADS TO…”


I wrote recently about the many birds that come into our back yard.  They are all beautiful to watch and though we do not feed them, they must know how much they are appreciated by their daily return. A number of them are doves; whenever I take time to sit and watch them I noticeContinue reading “THE WINGS OF A DOVE”


As the son of a “signalman” at Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Bermuda, I became quite familiar with the flags and their code to communicate. I must admit that much of what I learned as a child has long departed. However, a few tid-bits out of my past return on occasion. One of the first things thatContinue reading “AN ENSIGN”