Over the years preachers acquire a variety of “goodies” that people give to them in appreciation for their service to them.  One such gift hangs on our wall, catching the attention of each person entering our home.  It is a picture of a man reading the Word of God, with the aid of an oldContinue reading “REVERENCE / RESPECT”


The 119th Psalm is the longest of the Psalms.  In the event that you are one of those who underline verses, or even passages of Scripture that are meaningful to you, that it gets your attention quickly as you are looking for something in particular, this one is filled with highlights. Because we live inContinue reading “DISCERNMENT”


The media is working every way possible to convince us how to vote in the forth coming election. Personally, I have retained that old fashioned manner of responding to the question of:  “How or for who have you planned to vote?” “That is my business and mine alone!”  Admittedly, I have some things for whichContinue reading “ONE YEAR LATER”