There are those who desire to favor and impress everyone with whom they come in contact.  Then there are those of the opposite persuasion; they could care less what others think!  It does not take long to determine what conclusion might be reached when you watch the interaction between two such individuals. While reading theContinue reading “IMPRESSIVE INDIVIDUALS”


The 119th Psalm is the longest of the Psalms.  In the event that you are one of those who underline verses, or even passages of Scripture that are meaningful to you, that it gets your attention quickly as you are looking for something in particular, this one is filled with highlights. Because we live inContinue reading “DISCERNMENT”


We have all faced situations that can be described as piteous.  Jesus had been at the early stages of His ministry here upon the earth.  In Matthew 6 we find Him presenting truths relative to the Kingdom and also healing people who were experiencing physical problems. We have almost little or no knowledge of why,Continue reading “PITY”