Over the years, one of the important parts of our ministry has been to endeavor to encourage people who are going through troubled waters, and there are far more than we can ever imagine. Even those who appear to be “on top of the world” are experiencing pressures from encounters they are experiencing that othersContinue reading “HE CARES FOR ME”


I have been looking for a good size boat anchor for my front yard. It takes time to find exactly what one desires. After all, coming from Bermuda, I had decided on some items that would enhance the yard to remind me of my roots. Several, including the anchor, are in my plans. I spottedContinue reading “ANCHOR’S A WEIGHT / AWEIGH / A WAY”


Search the world over and restlessness is apparent wherever one goes. Old and young are much alike in that they are trying to find stability, only to become more frustrated with each new thing that they endeavor to create or explore. Our suicide rates soar, families are broken, finances are totally out of kilter, andContinue reading “RESTLESSNESS”