I have been alerted frequently over the years, how on occasion in a church there is some individual who aspires to be in a position where you know that, in that position there will be the development of problems.  Such a situation demands action, but it must meet both Scriptural and Constitution/By Law accommodation. AContinue reading “TAKING SECOND PLACE”


Nahum was “unknown”, except that you could not help but wonder why the meaning of his name: consolation.  Another anomaly may catch our attention, that being he was from Elkosh.  (That was possibly, Capernaum.)  Having stood on some of the ruins of Capernaum, probably makes me a “little proud”, forgive me, for it was supposedlyContinue reading “NAHUM, WHO?”


A city full of churches; Great preachers, lettered men! Grand music, choirs and organs; if these all fail, what then? Good workers, eager, earnest; who labor hour by hour, But where, oh where, my brother; Is God’s almighty power? It is the Holy Spirit, that quickeneth the soul; God will not take man-worship, nor bowContinue reading “THE HOLY SPIRIT”


The burden on the heart of our Savior is tell-tale.  Here He has entered the final days of His earthly and heavenly mission and the disciples were arguing, first about who would betray Him and next, which of them would be regarded as greatest. Grown men arguing about who was to be considered the mostContinue reading “BETRAYED WITH A KISS”


It is with thanks to the Lord and to you that it has continued.  Our intention is to keep writing until the Lord sees fit to call us home… today, tomorrow, or ? This has only been possible through the help of my daughter and grand-daughter.  Our pattern is to present things in “short” order,Continue reading “A COUPLE OF YEARS”


Every time I think I have covered what the Scriptures have declared, some brother purposely throws a wrench into my bucket of beliefs, and I have to take time to sort through his ideas.  A very high percent of the time, I have covered most of them long ago, but I try to show orContinue reading “WHAT IS NEXT ON THE AGENDA?”


Reading on through those opening verses, you cannot help but catch that this was an expanded period of “revolt” against the Almighty, and God sees the corruption against himself.  He compares them to the “ox and the donkey”, assuring Israel that even those two animals have more common sense than “my people”. The descriptive wordsContinue reading “CORRUPT LEADERSHIP”


There was assignment of that title at Antioch as the disciples were teaching about the resurrected Christ.  They were there for at least a year. (Acts 11:26)  It is interesting to note that they taught “considerable numbers”.  People are not always favorable to the teachings concerning Christ, because it places demands on them concerning theirContinue reading “REDUCED CHRISTIANITY”


The Government (in Bermuda) is planning to rename Corkscrew Hill and the Sports Stadium in honour of our Olympian Champion, Flora Duffy. This is in keeping with the policy of recent years, when various other locations have been renamed in recognition of heroes and heroines of the past… a fitting tribute to those who haveContinue reading “A NEW NAME”