She was a photographer doing her “thing”. The bottle had been out there making its way across the Atlantic, over to Europe, down the coast of Africa, across the Atlantic again and finally wrapped in some sea-weed on the rocky shore of Bermuda. Our grand-daughter, who lives on the shore line in Washington State, wasContinue reading “ON THE BEACH?”


We were discussing the subject of what might be acceptable or unacceptable at this point in history, as it relates to evangelism.  It was always debatable; but since our society has acquired “ better education” than our parents, the “you can’t tell me”, or “get with it and get up to date” has turned ourContinue reading “BAPTIZE OR BURN”


The song-writer said: It will be worth it all when we see Jesus,          Life’s trials will seem so small when we see Christ;One glimpse of His dear face all sorrow will erase,          So bravely run the race till we see Christ. By, Esther Kerr Rusthoi, © 1941 by New Spring (ASCAP) (admin. by Brentwood-Benson MusicContinue reading “IT WILL BE WORTH IT ALL”


We are immediately reminded that the one who appears as lacking substance, even to his clothing, should be treated equally. If one follows the words of James you note that he deals with the subject of personal and practical Christianity.  Put your practices in a world of evidence by not just saying “I have faithContinue reading “IDEAS NEED REVAMPING”


Left to his actions it will only get worse. Perhaps one of the most difficult challenges that is needed in the church in this hour, is that which we find in 2 Timothy 3:15!  While it is needed and approved relative to a brother who is causing problems, we discover that in our modern societyContinue reading “ADMONISH A BROTHER”


“Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.”  On occasion I am certain that some of you feel I am repetitive; and you are right!  No matter how I try to check my behavior in that area, I sometimes feel an “urge” that sends me scootingContinue reading “REPETITIVE?”


Reading the Book of Isaiah today, I could very as well be reading the morning News.  Think, this was probably written, perhaps as much as three to four thousand years ago.  Someone said that it is so graphic that it is “Enuf to break God’s mirror!” There is a tenfold indictment in Chapter 1… YouContinue reading “REPEATED HISTORY?”


The Book of Revelation was written to the seven Churches of Asia; it was written by the Apostle John, and indicated the immediate as well as the future for the Church.  It leaves only one church without a message of condemnation by the end of history; (Philadelphia) there God says: “I know your deeds.  Behold,Continue reading “COME! A FINAL COME?”


My friend Jerry is an interesting character that I met at a prayer meeting when Patsy and I moved to Arizona.  We get together weekly just to fellowship and talk about the Scriptures. If I share with Jerry something special of the Lord’s working, he will usually say in a very sagacious manner, “Coincidental!”  HeContinue reading “COINCIDENTAL”