Let us get to the “nitty gritty” of this passage immediately.  In the Old Testament we had been told that those committing adultery should be stoned.  This was to be a controlling factor under the law.  (Leviticus 20)  Obviously, this enforcement lessened quickly, because we read of people who indulged and were not stoned.  WeContinue reading “SIN NO MORE!”


When one considers the life of the Apostle Paul, you have to conclude that he left an indelible impression upon the world of his day.   However, two thousand years later he continues make an impression wherever Jesus Christ is uplifted around the globe. From his conversion on the road to Damascus, (Acts9) he became aContinue reading “THROUGH THICK AND THIN”


Just suppose!  You had been married for only seven years when God called your husband home.  You could be very angry, discouraged, depressed, or one bitter lady.  However, you could go the other direction, reach eighty four, and look back at what God had allowed you to do; you had “never left the temple, servingContinue reading “ANNA”