An article in the newspaper proceeded to explain that the Professional Golfers Association had made a major goof.  In the process of producing a golfing tournament film, they had made a blunder.  In the background they had the wrong birds singing in the wrong location at the wrong time of the year.  Much embarrassment prevailed. Continue reading “ORNITHOLOGIST”


Few are they that have not heard the expression: “When you see a “therefore”, stop and analyze what it is there for.” Obviously, when the word appears in Romans 2:1 it requires that I recall what was written in Romans 1, where the author begins by identifying himself as a “bond-servant of Jesus Christ”, afterContinue reading “THEREFORE”


Over the years you read of people who have been arrested for crimes that they have reportedly committed.  The “police blotter”, as it was called in yesteryear, suddenly gives you a run down on the crimes that were supposedly committed.  Time slips by while the individual remains incarcerated.  Finally, it makes its way to theContinue reading “UNJUSTLY?”


Imagine for a moment that you are a part of the congregation of this newly established religious group that is called “Christian”.  You have listened closely to the message it has presented concerning Christ, and as a new found believer, you are made an “usher” in the church.  You are excited about your assignment, especiallyContinue reading “SELECTIVE SEATING”