I wish you could have met my friend Jack.  He was a hard-drinking, cigar-smoking / chewing laundryman; that is, before he became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  In his own words, “I should have owned one of the railroad cars for the tickets I bought sending my wife back home to her parents.”Continue reading “OH! WHAT A NAME!”


When a recent newspaper article related the theft of mercury and its resultant effects on those who had been exposed to the fumes inherent in the product, my mind went back to my childhood and the lighthouse in which my father was employed.   Twelve hundred pounds of mercury lay in a trough on which aContinue reading “ONENESS”


We all have opinions which are formed, usually from extenuating circumstances of life, more so in our younger more formative years.  As we re-hearse those in our minds later we often enlarge upon them, especially as other things are encountered which have, we determine, a relationship to the past. As a youngster I had exposureContinue reading “WHAT THINK YOU OF JESUS?”