It was early in the morning and I was heading down Grand Avenue.  Checking traffic as usual I glanced at my rear-view mirrors.  The full moon of the night before was continuing to hover above the horizon.  Immediately my mind fell in gear to the reality that I was looking at a reflection of aContinue reading “MOON IN MIRRORS”


I stood fascinated with the butterfly that had landed directly in front of me.  It precipitated reflection on my childhood when caterpillars would be watched with fascination until such time as a cocoon was formed and the amazing process of metamorphosis would begin.  Those days permitted the time necessary to extricate oneself from the choresContinue reading “METAMORPHOSIS”


Copyright by Ted Cowen In tenderness the Shepherd sought This sheep that’d gone astray He followed in loves pursuit Knowing I had lost my way Quietly he whispered Child, let’s head on to My home I’ll forgive your sin, and save your soul Thru My GRACE I will make you whole. I listened to thatContinue reading “SHEPHERD OF GRACE”


Have you ever had the privilege of sailing on the ocean beyond the horizon?  There is something very moving and fascinating about being so far removed from everything that you look in every direction and see nothing but ocean. Since childhood, and the ensuing years, I recall being in the position of anticipating seeing “landContinue reading “MISTIFYING”


Copyright Ted Cowen Life is filled with mystery As we travel down its road Another bend, a discovery It is like finding the mother lode. A person, nature, a creature Throws your mind into gear Gradually unfolding, a feature Lifting your load, your care Comparison or contrast, magnified Others have traveled this road Their travelsContinue reading “AROUND THE CORNER”


I dial the number, the ringing begins, and then… “Hello!  Mr. Leftagain is not available at the moment.  If you would care to leave a message he will return your call.  Wait for the tone; you will have thirty seconds to leave your name, number or message.  Thank you for calling.” This is most interestingContinue reading “NO ANSWERING MACHINE”


Many years ago, our daughter and my wife were out shopping and happened upon an individual selling “mugs” in the parking lot of a shopping center.  They decided upon one of those mugs for me as a gift. This “wondermug” is special in a number of ways.  As soon as they saw one with aContinue reading “NEW UNDERSTANDING”


I had responded to an invitation and booked a trip to Alaska that ended up falling quite close to Christmas.  However, I knew that I would be home in time for our Christmas celebration as a family, and therefore did not initially give it a lot of thought.  As the time drew near for theContinue reading “NO SEATS AVAILABLE”


We installed a fax machine in our home office.  Before the new phone line was installed we elected to connect it to the existing phone line so that some pending business might be dispensed with on time. Our office is quite compact with machines over, under, or against each other.  It is not, therefore, surprisingContinue reading “VAIN JANGLING”