Some have said that it should have been called: “The Acts of the Holy Spirit.”  Still some have said that it would be equally proper if it carried the title: “Acts of the Disciples”.  I would not object if it was called: The Holy Spirit Unleashed!  What we see in this Book is the ministeringContinue reading “APOSTLES IN ACTION”


Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva             Worry is an exercise in futility.  It accomplishes nothing – except to engender even greater anxiety.  Yet, in this pandemic, many (if not most) of us are setting ourselves up for more trouble by our fears for the future.  This should not be so for the Christian.  “WorryContinue reading “THE FUTILITY OF WORRY!”


On occasion I have met with individuals that know little or nothing about the Scriptures; however, they seem to recollect that Jesus went to a wedding feast and turned water into wine. (John 2)   Out of a twisted interpretation they take this miracle as an approval for drinking alcoholic beverages.  This particular word for wine,Continue reading “NECESSITY DRIVEN”


Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva I have a favourite coffee mug with the slogan ‘The Royal Gardener’.  It was made for Hampton Court Palace and presumably was sold to raise funds.  The mug is decorated with various gardening implements against a background of green foliage.  I guess there is nothing remarkable about it, exceptContinue reading “‘THE DIVINE GARDENER’”


We were discussing the subject of what might be acceptable or unacceptable at this point in history, as it relates to evangelism.  It was always debatable; but since our society has acquired “ better education” than our parents, the “you can’t tell me”, or “get with it and get up to date” has turned ourContinue reading “BAPTIZE OR BURN”


Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva Not a financial check-up (although that is important) but a review of one’s life.   This came to mind this week as I faced a laundry problem.  My six-year old washer went crazy when it reached the spin cycle.  When the technician checked with a spirit level, he discovered itContinue reading “A BALANCE CHECK”


Our daughter, Cathy, recently acquired an interest in the family genealogy.  I know little about my family background, but when she started asking questions, I realized I knew less than I thought. For instance, in the past it is obvious that folks were quick to name the new child out of the family history ofContinue reading “AN INTERESTING GENEALOGY”


Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva In these days, when joy seems to be in short supply, the title words above (from verse 3 of ‘As the Deer’ -Psalm 42- by Martin Nystrom) have been a reminder to me of Jesus’ preparation of His disciples for His approaching departure, as recorded in John chapter 15. Continue reading “‘THE REAL JOY-GIVER!’”


Some years ago, W.E. Blackstone, in his book “Jesus Is Coming” wrote… “WATCH therefore; for we know not what hour your Lord doth come.” -Matthew 24:42 “WATCH therefore; for ye know neither the day nor the hour.” -Matthew 25:13 “Take ye heed, WATCH and pray; for ye know not when the time is.” “WATCH yeContinue reading “JESUS IS COMING AGAIN”


Used with Permission by Linda DeSilva             Several years ago, there was an incident at the WHITE HOUSE when a well-dressed couple gained admission to a function, mingled with the guests and generally enjoyed themselves – until their ‘gate-crashing’ was discovered and they were unceremoniously ushered out!             On another occasion, a singer and herContinue reading “NO GATECRASHERS!”