By, Linda De Silva

Christmas did not just happen –

the event was God’s plan

before time began. 

He revealed it first to Eve.

God promised that one of her descendants would defeat Satan, who had tricked her into disobeying Him.  Adam and the entire human race had become involved in ignoring God and going on with their sinful lifestyle.   But, God loved them and would send a Saviour In due time to redeem mankind and restore them to fellowship with Himself.

God revealed His plan to Isaiah, Hosea, Micah and others, and they shared these divine messages with the people of their day.  For the most part, however, the people rejected the prophets, often killing them when they were warned of the consequences of sinning against God’s laws. 

Then, when the world was dark with despair, much of it under the domination of Rome, God put His promise to Eve, and the prophets into motion … with a BABY!

And this is how it happened:  

At last the time had come for God to deliver His people.  He sent the Angel Gabriel to the city of Nazareth, to a virgin named Mary, engaged to Joseph; both were descendants of King David.  Three O.T. promises were thus fulfilled: Messiah would be a Nazarene; born of a virgin; of the family of King David.But, amazingly, the birth would take place in Bethlehem! (See Micah 5: 2.) How could this be? Mary and Joseph, now living in Nazareth awaiting the birth of Mary’s Son, would not think of leaving home.

Suddenly, their tranquility was shattered by the Emperor Caesar Augustus in Rome.  They had to go to their ancestral city to be registered. The journey would be hazardous in Mary’s condition – but they, and thousands of others, made their difficult journey to Bethlehem. 

At last they would be able to rest for Mary’s confinement.  But, their relief was rudely shattered … there was no room anywhere, except for a stable-shed with a manger for a cradle!  God did not make it comfortable for His Son’s entry into the world. 


‘O, come to my heart, Lord Jesus. 

There is room in my heart for Thee!’ 

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