Recently I went to get my driver’s license renewed.

No accidents, no tickets and I was still certain that they would make me take a driving test because of my age.  However, that was not to be the case, and I walked out, good for another five years. 

What was most interesting was when the attendant looked up and said: “Your hair color?” Naturally, I replied: “grey”.  However, I could not resist and asked: “Why did you ask?”  He said, “I do this every day, all day.  You would be amazed at the answers I receive.  I look at all these ladies and they reply, “brown!”  It may be grey, blue, green, black or whatever, but I just put down “brown”.  With some men I want to put “bald”!  Pity the policeman who has to figure out the conflicts that might take place in some grey haired old-lady or bald headed man on the side of the highway!”

We all go through life with its many changes and do not acknowledge that they have taken place.  We endeavor to rest in the laurels of the past; most of the ones we hang on to are in the positives.  We do not spend much time reflecting on our failures.

I wrote that little booklet on “Forgiveness” (download here).  I have often thought of things that I have been FOREVER FORGIVEN of my wonderful, wonderworking Lord!  I have no business to ask again or repeat them to the Lord, or repeat them again and again.  He assured us in the “Lord’s Prayer” that we should forgive as we have been forgiven.  God does not recycle what He has forgiven and neither should we.

We all need to think carefully about the answers or the projected relationship that is presented when we deal with others.  Keep it honest!

Think deeply about the “Lord’s Prayer” and every word that we project to and about HIM!  (Matthew 6)


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