Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva

Not a financial check-up (although that is important) but a review of one’s life.   This came to mind this week as I faced a laundry problem.  My six-year old washer went crazy when it reached the spin cycle.  When the technician checked with a spirit level, he discovered it was way off-balance.  After making the needed adjustments, he successfully washed a small load.  I have no idea of how or when this imbalance occurred …it must have been gradual.

            Like my washer, life can become unbalanced. Sometimes it is almost imperceptible, while at other times it is sudden and cataclysmic. This is probably truer now than it has ever been.  Life with COVID-19 and its many variants has upset the balance of life for people everywhere – mentally, physically and spiritually.  Whatever the circumstances, our personal relationship with God is the only sure foundation of life. If He is at the hub of our lives, all other relationships and events relate to Him.

            Now, perhaps more than ever before, we need to re-evaluate our priorities in life.  We can no longer continue with the regular daily routine.  It may be loss of a job, a family, financial or health issues, etc., but there has to be a re-alignment from what was the ‘status quo’.  We need an anchor – a faith firmly anchored to the Rock of Ages – God the Father, Who never grows weary.

            We who have committed our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, now is the time for learning His will in our current situation.  Many saints in the Bible had to do just that.  Abram learned from God that he had to leave his homeland and wander from place to place as God directed. (See Genesis Ch. 12.); Jonah reluctantly learned that there was no escaping God’s call to preach to Nineveh (See Jonah Chs. 1 – 4.); the Apostle Paul had to change his plans on more than one occasion. (See Acts 16.9, etc.)

            When we do not know what to do, life is unpredictable and the way ahead is uncertain, we need a fixed focal point (person) … in fact, the eternal, changeless One – God Himself – revealed to us in the Lord Jesus Christ.   “He (Jesus) is the same (whether in pandemic, fire, flood, earthquake, or whatever life brings us) “yesterday, and today and forever.”(See Hebrews 13: 8.)

Check your balance:

Is Jesus Christ the hub of YOUR wheel of life?

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