Used with Permission by Linda DeSilva

            Several years ago, there was an incident at the WHITE HOUSE when a well-dressed couple gained admission to a function, mingled with the guests and generally enjoyed themselves – until their ‘gate-crashing’ was discovered and they were unceremoniously ushered out!

            On another occasion, a singer and her husband had been invited to a very select wedding reception – THE social event of the year.   With great anticipation, they arrived at the venue – only to be refused entry and escorted out. Why?  Their names were not on the guest list. Although they had received a legitimate RSVP (invitation) they had neglected to signify their acceptance!

            Everybody enjoys stories about love, weddings, and fabulous feasts.  Jesus, whose parables enthralled His listeners, in this way taught people one day about the Kingdom of Heaven. The scene Jesus described in Matthew chapter 22 was that of a royal wedding feast. A King was honouring the marriage of his Son. The prospective guests, however, rudely refused his invitations for frivolous reasons. Others actually killed the King’s messengers, so the King sent an army to deal with them.  A wedding feast without guests would be a very bleak affair, so the King sent his servants to invite everyone – rich or poor.  When the King entered the banquet hall, it was full of guests.  One, however, caught the King’s eye.  He was not suitably dressed in a wedding garment.  A gate-crasher!  He was quickly bound and bundled off into utter darkness … there to mourn and weep for eternity.

            The first two stories are an interesting commentary on life – but Jesus’ parable has a message for everyone today, just as it did in His generation.    God invites everyone to come to Christ for salvation and an eternity with Him in heaven.   Some will try to come in their own way: living a ‘good’ life, doing kind deeds, obeying the Law, etc.  It sounds feasible – but is unacceptable!  There is only One who has ever lived a perfect life.   It is in Christ alone, through His sacrifice for the sins of the world, that we are invited by God the Father to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.(See Romans 10: 13.)

God has invited you!  Have you accepted?


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