In reading Mathew 24, I understand what so many are conversing about these days, “WARS AND RUMORS OF WAR”. (24:6)

I am of the age that I can recall WW2 and many things since then.  I recall much of the details of fear that constantly plagued our little Island of Bermuda, and how we were engaged in every angle of protection.  Even at that young age, we had to help dig trenches around our school property.  They taught us to shoot a gun, a 303 that was almost as heavy as ourselves.  The hotel and golf-course where the Princess Hotel now stands was an army camp that tested their readiness with guns that shot they said, as much as twenty miles. (It was probably a little exaggeration, but when you are seven years of age, there was immediate fear.)

Fear has been generated constantly since those days.  I know that we basically live in a “bird cage” as compared with other parts of the world.  There has seldom been a day in the last 80 years when I did not hear of “wars and rumors of war”.  One of the most obvious wars that we hear about each day is that of personal wars in our own society.  Listening to the news daily is like the old days of the “police blotter”.  

If one is estranged to Jesus Christ, they wonder for their safety, in and out of the home.  It is a challenge to be at peace when you hear what is taking place; “Wars and rumors of war” locally and internationally.

When Jesus spoke those words in Matthew 24, one would have thought they were probably “far- fetched”.  Who would have thought the Temple that had just been called to His attention, would be in ruins shortly? 

In the 2000 years since Jesus Christ said those words, “the world shall never know peace.”

Thankfully, when one explores the words of Holy Writ, we hear what He declared in John 14:27… “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.  Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.”

These are exciting words in light of what we can expect.  “Wars and rumors of war”, but God is Sovereign and in control!     Put your hand in His and allow Him to be your Savior and Lord, and face your future in peace!


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