In good old Bermuda we have a regular challenge to keep the lawns in A-One shape.  It was always fun to take a visitor out golfing, which I gave up after my back created enough problems to announce that common sense would demand such action. 

When we engaged a new-comer to play golf, we waited, with anticipation, for his ball to get stuck on a milk weed.  We knew that weed has developed little to no tolerance for a golf club, in spite of what some non Bermudians are prone to think.  I recall how my Father would have us go around our home, on bended knee and cut out any milk-weed that had survived the last mowing. I cannot recall anything that was more annoying.

Over the years I have changed our back yard every so often.  When the water pond drew too many pigeons, we replaced it with a rock garden and lighting.  Then we put in “wild flower” seeding, and it did well.

The only problem was that the birds decided that it was so enjoyable that we had to put netting over it to hinder their desires above ours.  Now another crop of plants are emerging and I notice some items that are not familiar.  I must wait patiently to determine what and when they must be removed and what should be left.

Jesus told the parable (Matthew 13) of how a man sowed seed and in the middle of the night; another sowed “tares among the wheat”. His men were sleeping, justifiably, from their days work. However, the enemy never sleeps! 

Man is born with a sinful nature as a result of Adam and Eve’s action in Eden.  He is easily groomed by the devil, Satan, to follow that sinful nature!

You and I would become His servants through life and into death, except we are born-again by the Spirit of God. It was what Jesus said to Nicodemus and definitely applies to us.  (Read the appropriate passage in John 3)  Someone said: “Born once, die twice!  Born twice, die once.  Better never born than never born again!”

I must make a suggestion and an appeal; the devil is intent on you or me retaining that sinful nature, and we will, BUT God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit desire to impart a NEW NATURE.  Taking Christ as Savior and Lord, and inviting the Triune Lord to adopt you as His child and willingly follow Him, is your guarantee of Salvation.  He imparts new life… SONSHIP, and when we ultimately face Him in eternity future we will be separated from the tares!

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