Used with Permission by, Linda DeSilva

The music on last Sunday’s BBN radio presentation of ‘SONGS IN THE NIGHT’ was different from the norm.  Usually there is a male soloist and a ladies’ ensemble.  This time, the Moody Church Choir sang a selection in which one group chanted in unison “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” repeatedlywhile the majority sang other words tunefully.   It was very impressive and certainly made abundantly clear that when we are ‘in Christ’ we are never alone.

This apparently endless pandemic has caused depression and isolation to many for well over a year and we have no assurance of its end.  At the outset, people adapted, masks were fun (for a while).   But, novelty soon wore off and the ‘same old … same old’ – plus even more restrictive measures – has become an insupportable burden to many.  Lawbreaking has increased and people have become increasingly weary of what has become the ‘normal’ pandemic way of life.

For the Christian, we have the assurance of God’s abiding presence in the midst of the uncertainties of life.  Christ has promised His followers, as He did the first disciples: “Be sure of this, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28: 20 NLT)  Christ’s promise, made some two thousand years ago is still true.  The writer to the Hebrews also reminds us that “God has said: ‘I will never leave you. I will never forsake you.’”(Ch. 13: 5 NLT) and in verse 8:“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

These promises of the Lord Jesus Christ are addressed to those who have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour of their lives – but they are meaningless to those who ignore Him. He alone is the “Way, the Truth and the Life.”  (John 14: 6) No one can come to God the Father, except through Jesus. Do YOU have a personal, saving relationship with Him?   If not, why not?  Jesus promised to receive those who come to Him.  (See John 3: 16 – 18; 6: 37 – 40)  Jesus is waiting today; don’t delay!

Receive the Lord Jesus Christ as YOUR Saviour and Lord.

You, too, will enjoy His continual presence!

Never alone forever!

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