I had been in College for 9 months when a friend asked: “Do you have a date for the banquet?”  I admit that I had many reasons for not going, but my friend looked me in the eye and said: “She is in the Snack Shop.  Go and ask her NOW.”

I will not get into the discussion, but before long we agreed to attend the banquet together.  As we enjoyed each other’s company, we even managed a couple of dates prior to the banquet.

By the time Christmas arrived, I was invited to spend it with her family.  It was a beautiful time.  Included was a trip into Philadelphia to listen to that great Organ in Wanamaker’s.  At some point during those days, I had managed to buy her a pearl ring which I hung on the Christmas tree. 

These many years later, I still remember the look on her face when we made her search the tree until she found a small box with her name on it.  Tears of joy!  It contained a pearl ring!

It was shortly after that, when listening to a scientist, he began talking about pearls.   His opening statement was close to this:  “A pearl is an object of beauty woven around a garment of irritation”.  I thought, “That is perfect!”  After just shy of 60 years before God called her home, I recall those moments as vividly as though she is here.

I recall how that scientist described that pearl with its object of irritation, and how it is woven together with individual pieces covered with a secretion in a mollusk.  The color is bluish gray and is considered as being precious. 

As the scientist proceeded he mentioned how, in our selected Scripture of the day, Jesus was speaking of the church as the body of Christ.  We have symbols to represent our faith in Jesus Christ, the cross being one in particular.  It was and is the object of irritation clothed in the blood of our Savior Jesus.  His irritation covered the sin of a repentant individual.  A most beautiful picture of His Love!

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