It was two years ago that we began writing this Blog. 

It is with thanks to the Lord and to you that it has continued.  Our intention is to keep writing until the Lord sees fit to call us home… today, tomorrow, or ?

This has only been possible through the help of my daughter and grand-daughter.  Our pattern is to present things in “short” order, trusting that the Lord will work through the Holy Spirit, and time our writings in accordance with individual needs.

To those of you, from around the world, who have expressed appreciation, we say THANKS!   It is impossible to respond because of our limitations.  The Lord knows that we write, that others read, and the Holy Spirit will cause people to be ministered to in ways that are beyond our limitations.

To the folk who God addresses, we encourage you to read the Scriptures daily.  In the event you have never trusted Christ as your Savior and Lord,

God loves you… John 3:16

Christ died for you …

Acceptance of His redemptive work on Calvary, on your behalf…

And submitting your dependence on Him constantly…

Is His guarantee to you of Eternal Life!

In the bonds of Calvary’s Love,

From all three of us! (Ted, Cathy, Crista)

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