Copyright Ted Cowen

I woke this morning, just before the dawn

The body felt better than did the previous morn

And so, preparing for the day that plainly lay ahead

I spoke with Jesus; He is the Living Bread.

After going through the normal preparations

I checked the headlines for sensations

Things had not changed much, since the night before

Democrats and Republicans were trying hard to score

I headed for some good old-fashioned grub,

Fixed myself a pot of coffee, not quite a tub.

Next came some pills to cure and stop the ills

At my age, I would not be running up the hills

And soon I found myself, thinking about today

My Father had created it, for work and also play

What would I do with the hours that lay ahead

I surely would not consider going back to bed.

Pondering the agenda, and thinking what must be done

I looked out the window and once again saw the sun.

The darkness had left; the welcomed dawn arrived,

It was time to get a going, that’s how things survived

Then it “dawned” on me, “With Christ I am secure!”


So my friend, before you head out to make your great display

Remember, this could be your very last, before the Judgment Day

You need Jesus as your Savior, to wash away your sin

Welcome Him into your heart; He’ll give you peace within.

When that is done, hope will prevail, you too will feel secure

For you will be One Day Closer Home than You Ever Were Before.

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